Hannah Waldron Exhibition

hannah waldron 4.jpg

I visited the 'Primary Traveller' Hannah Waldron exhibition in Stroud while staying in Cirencester a few months ago.  I've seen Hannah's work at the Nottingham Contemporary Gallery Christmas fair a few times when she used to live in Nottingham. I love her use of colour and patterns and admire the immense patience it must take to work on these weavings.  

hannah waldron 9.jpg
hannah waldron 5.jpg

One of the main reasons i visited the show was to see the structure that the weavings hang on. It was designed by Hannah but made by my friend Matthew Jamieson, it is so beautifully made, it was as much as a joy to see as the weavings themselves. 

hannah waldron 10.jpg
hannah waldron 8.jpg

Along with her weavings you can also buy scarves and prints of Hannah's work on her website.